Care to Translate

Care to Translate, earlier called Språk i vården, was founded in the fall of 2015 by medical students from Karolinska Institute, and today it has become one of the most used translation tools in the Swedish healthcare sector. The goal is to make healthcare better for all. 

Our History

Care to Translate, earlier called Språk i vården, has gone from a non-profit project lead by medical students to become one of the most used translation tools in Swedish healthcare. 


In the fall of 2015, a group of medical students from Karolinska Institute got together and founded Språk i vården. Språk i vården arranged educational evenings for healthcare students where you learn how to take care of patients from different cultures. The name of the project was Språkkvällar and it was arranged in three languages; Arabic, Persian and Somali. The participants got to learn about history, language and culture. Each participant got 40 phrases on a paper translated to the specific language that they could use in the clinic.


The language evenings were highly appreciated but reached only a handful of students. The medical students behind Språkkvällar wanted the concept to reach a wider audience. Therefore they started to develop an app.

Care to Translate App with Phone

Beta app

The development of a beta-version began during the fall of 2016. Swedens medical student union helped to finance it. 40 phrases were translated to five different languages and recorded. 


The application was released on Facebook with a short video. The goal was to reach 1000 downloads in six months. In two days, over 1500 downloads were made.


E-mails and comments came streaming in. Users were asking for more languages and phrases.

Pilot app

The pilot app was released on the 9th of November, 2017. During a year it spread by word of mouth and reached over 23 000 users. More than half a million translations were done in the app during this time.


The app was developed on a non-profit basis through a cooperation between Bitio Development & Consulting AB, Ebba Sääf, Hani Jazzar, SLF Student and Språk i vården. It resulted in 140 phrases translated to 13 different languages.

Språk i vården becomes Care to Translate

In only two years time, the project Språk i vården had become one of the most used translation tools in the Swedish healthcare sector. The issues that Språk i vården adressed were not contained to the borders of Sweden. It affected and still affects people all over the globe. To solve this issue, Språk i vården need to grow and develop fast. 


Språk i vården AB was founded on the 27th of Februari 2018 by Linus Kullänger and Martin Schalling. Språk i vården AB has now become Care to Translate AB. The Company has received grants for the Swedish innovation authority Vinnova and been accepted to Sweden’s number one incubator Sting Accelerate.

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