Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) are applicable for all use of the application Care to translate (hereinafter referred to as “the App”), provided by Care to translate AB. By downloading the App, you accept these Terms. The person downloading the App and/or the user of the App will hereinafter be referred to as “the User”.


Care to translate AB reserves the right to, without prior notice, change these Terms. Your use of the App after the Terms have been updated shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of any alterations made in the Terms. If you do not agree to all of these Terms, do not use the App and deinstall it from all devices.


All future updates, modifications and/or replacing versions and amendments of the App will be subject to these Terms, unless and to the extent otherwise specifically stated by a separate agreement. The current applicable terms are always published on caretotranslate.com (“the Website”).

If you have any questions concerning the Terms, please write to us at info@caretotranslate.com. You can find more information about the App and Care to translate AB on the Website.

The App is provided by Care to translate AB, registration number 559150-6232, with registered office in Stockholm, Sweden.

The App

Care to translate AB provides through the App the user of the App translation services, including the possibility to translate phrases into several different languages. In order to download sound files, the App needs to be connected to the internet..

Purchases inside the App

Within the App, you as a User of the App have the possibility to purchase Care to translate AB’s premium content. In order to make such purchase you must have turned 18 years of age at the time of the purchase.


By purchasing the premium services, you gain access to the content and functions that are marked with a symbol of a pad lock. Payments are done through App Store or Google Play. No payment information is handled directly by Care to translate AB or the App. Access to the premium services are granted as soon as the payment is verified through App Store or Google Play. Access may take up to 15 minutes. If you have carried out a purchase in the App but have not gained access to the purchased premium content within 2 hours of the purchase, please contact customer support.   


Would you regret the purchase, you have 14 days to cancel your purchase. To evoke your right to cancel a purchase, please contact customer support at info@caretotranslate.com.


Care to translate AB may choose to block a User from doing purchases within the App. This may be the case if for example, but not limited to, Care to translate suspects that the App has been used in disagreement with these Terms, or if Care to translate deems it fit, due to technical reasons or security, to block you to protect the interest of Care to translate AB or its affiliates. Care to translate AB waives all obligation to prior notice before blocking a User.

Rights and IPR

Care to translate AB owns and holds the right to the App and to all content in the App. All rights not explicitly granted in these Terms in its current or future form, remains with Care to translate AB.   


All material that is part of the App may be protected by intellectual property rights and/or be the property of a third party. Users of the App has the right to download, install and use the App on a mobile phone, tablet or other device that is intended for the use of Apps (hereinafter together referred to as devices). Users of the App may not, unless explicitly granted in these Terms, by law or by terms regarding any components based on open source material, copy, try to copy, decompile, deconstruct, disassembly, relate code, decrypt, modify or create any code or function or part thereof within the App, or create products that partly or as a hole are based on the software in the App or the services or content therein. Users of the App may not copy the content in The App, in whole or in parts, without prior written consent from Care to translate AB.


The User may not, for example but not limited to, copy or in any other way distribute or use product names, trademarks, texts, phrases, pictures, graphics, layout and information about products and services within the App.

Limitation of Liability

The information provided by the App is intended as a complement to the dialogue between users in the healthcare profession and individuals receiving healthcare. The App is not a substitute for a human interpreter, it is, in contrary, only intended to be used as a complement to a human translator. Solely using the App to communicate with an individual is not to be considered enough to fulfil a healthcare provider’s obligation to provide equal and accessible healthcare to individuals not proficient in the language spoken by the professionals.


The App provides phrases translated to different languages and is intended for healthcare professionals. All translations are made or checked by two independent individuals, competent in the specific language, to assure the best possible quality.


However, you as a User of the App have the full responsibility for communications with any individual using these phrases, including but not limited to their understanding of the phrases, health outcomes and treatment outcomes. The App should never replace your own clinical judgment as a healthcare professional or your healthcare knowledge. The App is not a healthcare tool and the information provided in the App is not intended to replace professional communication within healthcare in any way. No information provided by the App should be used as a medical advice or medical counsel and should never be used in replacement of such. Care to translate AB makes no guarantees for the content’s completeness or accuracy.  


Users of the App must independently evaluate and verify the communication and the information received through the use of the App with each individual. Care to translate AB reminds all users of the App to be aware that words, phrases and languages can hold different meaning and significance depending on context, and the information provided through the use of the App should therefore not be used as the sole source of information. As a User of the App you agree that you must evaluate and bear all risks associated with the use of any content in the App, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content.


Care to translate AB takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect personal damages or subsequent damages caused by the use of the App, other than what follows by force of law. In no event will Care to translate AB, our affiliates, or any third parties mentioned on our website or in our App be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, incidental, consequential or special damages, personal injury, wrongful death, lost profits for sequence, accuracy or completeness of information included in the App, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from the use of, misuse of, inability to use or interpretation of the information contained in the App.


Care to translate AB urges all Users of the App to not rely solely on the Apps translations.  


By using the App, you as a User acknowledge and accept that you bear all possible risks associated with the use of the App, including any reliance on accuracy and completeness of the information and content provided through the App. Neither Care to translate AB or its affiliates guarantees that the App is error free.


Consumers and individuals using the App should not rely on the information provided in the App as their sole source of information and should not obtain from seeking necessary healthcare advice and healthcare service by healthcare and medical professionals with professional translators. The App does not in any way contain a substitute for such services. All such use of the App and reliance on its information is at the Users’ own risk.

Maintenance and availability

Care to translate AB may at any time, without prior notice and without responsibility to its effects update, change, amend, upgrade and temporarily or permanently limit or close the App or accessibility to the App.


Care to translate AB does not warrant any obligations to provide any kind of support or maintenance of the App.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Care to translate AB collects and treats personal data of the user when a user downloads the App and when the App is used. Care to translate safeguards your integrity, and therefore only collects and Stores just information pertinent to functionality and improvements. To find out more about how Care to translate treats your personal information, please read Care to translates Data and Privacy Policy.

Legal information

For cases where a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement between the company’s customer service and the user, you, as a user, can contact the General Complaints Board, see arn.se. For residents in another EU country than Sweden, complaints can be submitted online via the EU Commission’s platform for mediation in disputes, see  ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

In the event of a dispute, Care to translate AB follows a decision from ARN or the corresponding dispute resolution body.

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law.

Should parts of these Terms and Conditions be considered non-valid, this does not constitute an obstacle to the remainder being valid.

These Terms have been established by Care to translate AB 2018-11-27 .

Data protection policy and handling of Personal data

The following Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is valid for downloading and all use of the application Care to translate (the “App”), as well as visitors to caretotranslate.com (the “Website”). The person downloading and/or using the App is in the following referred to referred to as “the User”.

How we process and protect your personal data

We, Care to translate AB, think it is important that you as a User of our App feel secure in using the App, and it is important to us to safeguard your personal information and integrity. Here is a brief summary of how we Store, protect, process and use personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


By downloading the App you agree to our Privacy Policy and our use of your personal data.

What we save and why

Personal data is any kind of information that can be linked to a living person. We value our Users’ integrity and do not collect and process any personal data that is not necessary for enabling the App’s functionality or to improve the App. The data we process is collected when you as a User download the App, use the App or visit our homepage, caretotranslate.com. Care to translate AB is responsible for always treating your personal data in accordance to current data protection regulations and in accordance to Care to translate’s internal guidelines and policies.


When you download and use the App, this is the information we gather:  


– information regarding version of the App,

– date and time of when the App connects to our servers,

– what cell tower you are in closest proximity to,

– your language settings,

– what content and what files that are used in the App,

– what you click on when using the App, and when you do it,


– information about the state of your device, model of the device used, and information about hardware, operating system and performance data of the App on your device.


The data listed above is used in order for the App to know if the User is logged in or not, what parts of the App content that is used and in order to que it for use, what parts of the App that are downloaded and not, for functionality retrieval on click, for reading position and similar metadata retrieval in order to make the App function for the User. All the data listed above is saved to a unique code for each User and is only handled as such unidentified anonymized code.


The App and the homepage of Care to translate AB use something called “Facebook pixels”. This is a small piece of code that identifies users of the App and visitors of the homepage and matches the data they may gather to data about each user on Facebook.  Facebook does not share any personal data to Care to translate or the App about the separate identities collected through the pixel, but gives Care to translate the possibility to learn on a group level what the Users’ general interests are, such as demographics, general interests etc.


Care to translate may use the occurred data in marketing purposes and may distribute the data to a third party – but only in anonymized data on a group level.


Purchases within the App are done through App Store or Google Play. Upon purchase, Care to translate AB receives a transaction identification number from App Store or Google Play, in order to, if needed, verify the status of the purchase order from a subscriber at App Store or Google Play. Care to translate have no possibility to connect or link this transaction id to the data collected from a single User, and does not.


Care to translate AB strives to be relevant for you as a User, and therefore we use the information gathered from our Users to analyse, develop and enhance the service and our App. We will prioritize new features, languages and phrases based on large scale patterns of the current Users’ daily usage.

Data storage time of Personal Data

All User data that may be Personal data are only kept as long as there is an ongoing user relationship, and in accordance to consent given. We do not process or save personal data older than six months, but may use historic anonymized user data on group levels. To adhere to accounting regulations, we do save purchase history and any personal data connected to such purchase in the App for seven years.   

How we protect personal data

When you Use the App you should feel safe in the knowledge that we treat any personal data in a safe and secure fashion. All data collected are Stored on a non-public server, accessible by authorised personnel only.

Information about data Stored and the right to be forgotten

At any time, you as a User have the right to get an extract on what data we have about you as User, and in what purpose this data is used. Such an extract is delivered in electronically readable format. If you do not agree with the way we use your data, you have the right to make objections and in applicable cases, withdraw your consent. You may at any time ask us to rectify any errors in the information concerning you as a User. You have also at any time the right to ask us to delete all personal data relating to you as a User, and we shall. Please contact us at info@caretotranslate.com to make any of the requests aforementioned.

Care to translate AB will after such written request via email erase all personal data Stored about you as a User, except the data exempted below. You will not be able to use the App after such deletion of your data. Data that will not be erased are:

  • Any personal data that must be Stored to maintain an obligation by law (for example in accordance to the accounting act)
  • Data pertinent to any open ingoing order.
  • Data pertinent to any unpaid debt due to Care to translate AB.
  • Data pertinent to any ongoing matter with customer service.

If you as a User feel that Care to translate AB is processing your personal data in a wrongful way, we urge you to contact us at customer support. You also have the right to make a complaint to applicable regulatory authorities.

Web push notifications:

We provide news and updates on our sites via web push notifications.

To benefit from this free service, operated with our push provider WonderPush (https://www.wonderpush.com/), you must first subscribe by clicking on an authorization request controlled by your browser and your device when you visit our website.

The navigation data that we could store and process in order to operate this service and send you relevant messages is anonymized and kept on WonderPush servers for a maximum of 90 days and never shared to third parties. We do not store any recognizable data, neither IP address about you or your device in connection with the push notification service.

You can stop receiving our web push notifications at any time by unsubscribing.

Here is how to manage your web push subscription and to delete associated data


Responsible for data protection

Care to translate AB is responsible for the processing of personal data and is responsible that all data processing is in accordance to regulations.
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